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Our Case Managers
Rehabilitation Assistants    
Enablers / Support Workers

Permission to recruit and employ directly employed staff is obtained from the client and family (and the solicitor and Receiver if appropriate) before commencing the process. If the client is a Patient under the terms of the Mental Health Act 1983, it is unlikely that he or she can be an employer because they will not be able to enter into a valid contract.

The case manager and HACM will facilitate support worker training and support the client and/or their representative in supervising staff.

All posts are subject to a satisfactory probation period and if there is any doubt that funding will not be permanently available, for example if funding is by means of an interim payment, the post will be offered on a short term contract for the duration of the funding based on information available from the solicitor/Receiver.

This will be explained to candidates at interview and written into the job advert and job description. It is in these circumstances that the best method of support worker provision is sometimes by utilising an agency or care company.

The case manager initiates the process but the client and/or their representative (usually a family member) has the power of veto at every stage.

HACM have a full Recruitment Policy/Pathway. A brief explanatory outline is provided here for initial information. Case manager might mean HACM Recruitment and Training Case Manager in this instance. It is essential that support for the client and family is provided because they have control of who is appointed.

  1. The client or their representative draws up an advertisement and Job Description with advice from the Case Manager.
  2. Clients receive copies of all application forms.
  3. Clients or their representatives shortlist and interview their selected candidates, using the experience of their case manager who will jointly interview with them.
  4. HACM staff have no power of veto to stop a client choosing a particular applicant. They help provide the administration and any further support the client or their representative may need.
  5.  Once the candidate(s) is chosen HACM take responsibility for the receipt of two references and a Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Disclosure.

This process is to enable the client and family to employ care/support staff to their individual specification. HACM provide Support Worker Handbooks. We draw up terms and conditions of employment and provide contracts of employment.

We do workplace and clinical risk assessments, including moving and handling assessments when required. We compile a ‘working portfolio’ that is client specific.

HACM do not handle payroll at the present time and organise this with an appropriate company.

HACM Case Managers are provided with (and work to) Policies and Procedures in accordance with the Commission for Social Care Inspectorate - Domiciliary Care Standards.


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