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Rehabilitation Assistants

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Enablers / Support Workers
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The assistant works as a member of the multi-disciplinary team, under the supervision and guidance of the Case Manager and other therapists, to support the delivery of rehabilitation services to the client with an acquired brain injury.

Assistants are non-professionals trained in the neurobehavioral approach to follow through the provision of rehabilitation programmes in the clientís home and community.

Programmes may include the following:
  • Cognitive retraining.
  • Behaviour modification.
  • Adjustment to disability.
  • Social and adaptive skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Mobility skills.
  • Self care skills.
  • Parenting skills.
  • Activities of daily living.
  • Community reintegration.
  • Vocational activities.
  • Education.
  • Leisure participation.
  • Client and family education.

The main purpose of the role is to assist the Case Manager to facilitate rehabilitation to achieve maximum physical, psychological, social and vocational wellbeing of each individual and to enable people to live as independently as possible in the most appropriate environment.

In the initial stages of programme implementation, the assistant works with the client and family on homework tasks set by the Case Manager and multi-disciplinary team so that support is staged in, and therefore not obtrusive.

Using this method the client and family are gradually introduced to the concept of having an enabler, and when a person has been recruited, the assistant will help introduce him/her to their role in working with the client.

This new role has been introduced as a cost efficient method of moving the rehabilitation programme forward when the client does not have an enabler. It also provides an opportunity to test the Case Managerís recommendations and facilitate the clientís engagement in the early stages of the programme.

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